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Fuel Your Love Delivers Free Oil to Maine Residents

Anyone who lives in Maine knows that winter brings cold days.

On average, temperatures dip into the low 20s during February. Even the warmest days struggle to break 30 degrees. These cold temperatures make it difficult for many people to pay for the oil they need to heat their homes.

Dozens of struggling residents won’t have to worry about how they’ll keep their homes warm throughout one of Maine’s coldest months after Valentine’s day – their oil tanks will be topped off for free.

Maine Energy sponsors and organizes the Valentine’s day deliveries. Each oil company that joins the campaign for Fuel Your Love provides the oil, trucks and driver services to spread the love through the state.

SignSmith gets to join in by providing the bright red Fuel Your Love vinyl wraps for the trucks, proudly displayed as the delivery drivers do their good deeds.

A Growing Program

Fuel Your Love was started in three years ago with one truck from Augusta Fuel and has grown to 7 trucks from 7 different oil companies.

Last year, support was provided by 5 companies:

And this year, seven companies have stepped up to donate oil, trucks and time:

The drivers know that they’re doing something that people appreciate. As one of the 2016 drivers said it was “probably the best day on the job ever. Really, it was awesome.” This year some of the drivers are delivering on their day off and without pay to help get the oil to where it needs to be.

At SignSmith, we’re excited to participate in Fuel Your Love by working with the oil companies to modify and install the wraps for the delivery trucks.

At the start of the project, we send templates to each of the oil companies and work with them to ensure that the wraps are modified and uniquely fitted to their trucks. We then modify the design and print the wraps on ultra-removable vinyl, which makes it easy for drivers to remove the wraps themselves once the program ends for the year.

We love these types of projects. We specialize in quick turnarounds and know that these trucks need to be on road as much as possible. We’re able to mobilize quickly and can adjust easily –  last year's February blizzard didn’t hold us back from getting from Augusta to Damariscotta to wrap the last of the trucks. From Rochester to Clinton, we’ve wrapped the Fuel Your Love trucks this year with the bright red decals and enjoy being part of the program.

We love to be part of great Maine companies doing great things!

Fuel your love. Love your fuel.

About Maine Energy Facts: Maine Energy Facts is Maine’s source for home heating advice. Through education and outreach, their mission is to provide fair and truthful information in informing Maine homeowners of their home energy options. The group offers energy saving tips, home heating information and connections to local oil dealers.

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