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Custom Banners and Flags

Maine’s source for custom vinyl banners, fabric banners and flags.

When it comes to value for the money, banners are the hands-down winners in the signage arena. They’re inexpensive, quick to produce, and simple to store away when not in use. 


What is a banner?

Merriam-Webster defines a banner as “a piece of cloth.” While this may have been true in the past, today’s banners are made from both fabric and durable vinyl materials for use in a variety of advertising means.


What are banners used for?

Banners are used for advertising. Draw attention to your business or event by combining simple, clear messaging with distinctive design.


How much do banners cost?

The number one question our customers ask is about the cost of their banner. It can be a little awkward if this question pops up too early in the conversation, because the answer depends on a variety of details. 


We typically follow up this question with a few of our own:

- Do you have a print-ready design, or would you like our team to design this for you?

- Will your banner be displayed indoors or outdoors?

- What size banner are you looking for?

- Would you like to take advantage of our installation services?

- When would you like to pick up your banner?


Add-ons like delivery, installation, and design add to the overall cost of the banner. Double-sided banners will cost more than single-sided banners, and rush orders will incur additional costs, as well.


To find out how much your banner might cost, let’s start by exploring the many different types of banner signs:


Indoor Banners

Banners made for indoor use come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Fabric banners are popular for interior use because of their matte finish. Glare can really mess with the readability of a message. Because many businesses use bright lighting, it’s important to ensure that indoor signs are not printed on high-gloss material. Fabric banners look great at trade shows, fairs, and networking events. Wrinkle-resistant washable materials and high quality printing come together to help your advertisement look great while informing potential customers with your custom message.


Indoor banners can also be made from the same vinyl material as outdoor banners. Durable and versatile, properly stored vinyl banners will last for many years indoors. Just be careful when storing them - vinyl isn’t quite as forgiving as fabric. Vinyl banners will show creases if folded for storing.


Interior banners can be hung from the ceiling using special clips or frames to keep the sign stretched tight. Pop-up banner stands are popular at trade shows and point-of-purchase (POP) displays. 


They’re popular for advertising sales and special products. Because they’re easy to roll up and store, banner signs can be reused season after season.


Outdoor Banners

Outdoor vinyl banners are typically printed on a heavier-weight vinyl than an interior vinyl banner would be. Tear-resistant and durable, vinyl banners are great for advertising special hours, sales, and events. They’re commonly used by property management firms to advertise available apartment or retail spaces, individuals to recognize graduates or birthdays, or any business to let customers know that they’re “Now Open” or having a sale.


Athletic clubs (a.k.a. boosters) use sponsor banners to showcase businesses or individuals who have donated money to their team. 


Vinyl banners are typically $3 - $8 per square foot. A standard 3’x8’ vinyl banner will cost between $72 - $192.


Mesh Banners

While vinyl banners are great for outdoor use, they can act as sails in high winds. Mesh banners are the answer to this outdoor advertising dilemma. Mesh is great for extra-large outdoor applications such as temporary building signs or for lease offerings. Contractors and construction companies hang mesh banners on fences to hide the mess that comes with development.


Mesh banners cost anywhere between $6 to $12 per square foot.


Retractable Banners

Pull-up, or retractable banners are most commonly used for trade shows and point of purchase / interior retail sales. They’re easy to transport, quick to pull up, and one of the more affordable trade show displays available. The retractable stand can be reused, swapping out the banner itself to advertise specific products or sales.


Retractable banners typically cost between $175 to $300.


There are many more types of banners than what you see listed here. Circle back to read more - we’re working to update our website as winter approaches here in Maine. Stay tuned!


We service the following areas in Maine:

Yarmouth, North Yarmouth, Freeport, Cumberland, Falmouth, Westbrook, Portland, South Portland, Saco, Gorham, Brunswick, Topsham, Pownal, Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, Buxton, Old Orchard Beach, Biddeford, Lewiston, Augusta, Damariscotta, Wiscasset, Bowdoin and beyond.

Banners were one of the first marketing tools used by businesses to promote products and services. Even in the 21st century, banners continue to be a powerful marketing tool for most companies because they display a large clear message with original graphics and color schemes. It is difficult to miss them.


Do you need attractive and vibrant banners made for your business in Portland? SignSmith has created custom banners for local business owners for over 25 years. We have the skills, tools, staffing, equipment, and resources to create a powerful and engaging banner for your target audience.


The banner options we have available include:


·  Fabric banners

·  Outdoor mesh banners

·  Indoor vinyl banners

·  Outdoor vinyl banners


SignSmith takes care of everything. We design, manufacture, print, and install. You can give as much or as little design input as you like. Our design team will take your ideas and implement them into an original design for your approval.


The design will get printed onto vinyl material after you approve it. Vinyl is an affordable and durable material perfect for making banners because it can withstand rain, wind, and other exterior environmental elements. We know you will be pleased with it, too.


SignSmith offers free consultations to all potential customers regarding their custom banner projects in Portland. Call us at 207-450-7667 or email us at for more information. It will be one of the best investments you will ever make for advertising your business in Portland, Maine.

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