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Affordable advertising for contractors, delivery drivers and service workers

You see them everywhere - cars and trucks with custom vinyl graphics. If they're done right, they catch your eye. Done wrong, and you can't quite make out the message as the vehicle passes you by. Truck lettering is hands-down the most affordable advertising a business can invest in.

For the longevity of truck graphics the estimate is minimal - as low as mere pennies per day!  Even a high-ticket item like a vehicle wrap equals an investment of less than a cup of coffee per day. Brew it at home and grow your business with SignSmith's awesome custom car wraps.

Akin to a rolling billboard, car or truck lettering is a great way for local businesses to advertise in the neighborhoods they live and work in. Contractors, electricians, handymen, and other service industries have found that custom truck and car decal stickers can land them more work in the areas they serve.



We're passionate about helping our customers grow their businesses. Weather-resistant custom decals are a fantastic, affordable way to do just that. 

Durable, made to last and remove cleanly

Fast turnaround

Simple, easy to comprehend design custom-made to your specifications

Bulk discounts for larger orders

After hours pick-up/drop-off available

Starting at $450


Vehicle lettering FAQs

What is the difference between a vehicle wrap and truck lettering?

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl print that must be professionally installed. A full wrap covers all painted surfaces of the car, while a partial wrap covers some, but not all, of the vehicle's painted surface. Perforated window vinyl can be used on windows, allowing the driver the capability to see out while messaging or graphics are visible from the outside. ​ Lettering is also made from vinyl, but it is not a full sheet. It is individual cut-out letters applied to a vehicle's surface. Lettering can go on windows, doors, hood, or tailgate. We use a special masking tape to keep the spacing correct, rather than applying each letter individually. This type of graphic may not require the expertise of a professional installer, though we highly recommend it.

Do you offer design services?

Yes! We have a team of in-house designers that can help bring your vision to reality.

What does it cost to letter my truck?

Lettering your truck doors and tailgate will cost between $450 - $750, on average. Vans are usually in the neighborhood of $600 - $950 for standard lettering. A box truck lettering project could cost as much as $1500 or more.

How about wrapping? What does that cost?

Wraps come in a variety of coverages. The amount of coverage makes a big impact on the cost of the project. Partial wraps are the most affordable, and usually run anywhere from $1000 - $2800. Full wraps typically start around $3500, and for larger vans can be as much as $5000 or more.

Do you offer a warranty?

We sure do! Our products are backed by 3M's manufacturing warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we will replace it or refund it.

What information should I display on my truck?

At a bare minimum, your truck lettering should display your business name or logo. From there, it's up to you. Some contractors prefer to include their phone number, website, service area(s) and a tagline or other descriptor. If your business name doesn't clearly convey what you do, it might make sense to add a few words about your products or services. Every project is different, and we're happy to help you hone in your message.

What if I don't quite know what I want?

We're experts at asking the right questions to define your company's needs when it comes to lettering your truck. Our in-house designers love to create eye-catching readable graphics for your fleet of 1 to 100.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Most wraps last 7 years, with clean removability for up to 10. Perforated film, or really any vinyl applied to glass won't quite make it that long. For perf, a year is good life span. Vinyl on glass can last as much as 3 or more. Any vinyl applied to a horizontal surface - roof, hood, trunk lid - is only guaranteed for 1 year. If you can, park your fully-wrapped vehicle in the shade or in a garage to extend the life of these sun-absorbing surfaces. Or, replace these pieces often - at least every 2-3 years, or removal could be costly.

What materials do you use?

We use the highest quality vinyl for our signs and graphics. We stock the best vinyl from the top brands: 3M, Avery Dennison, and Orafol (Oracal). Our vinyls are available in gloss, matte, reflective, mirror / chrome, etched glass, gold leaf and more.

How do I care for my custom truck decals?

It is recommended that you hand wash your newly lettered vehicle using mild soap and a soft sponge. Here at SignSmith, we're realistic. Most of our customers run their company vehicles through a carwash. We do! While we don't recommend using a pressure washer at close range, your vehicle graphics should hold up, even if you choose to use a carwash from time to time. Just give it a bit - newly applied graphics should be hand washed (or not washed at all) for at least 2 weeks in warmer weather, and up to 3 months in colder weather. If you're worried that a car wash might damage your lettering, hand wash it instead.

Where can I find custom truck lettering near me?

If you're in Maine or New Hampshire, you'll find high quality truck lettering at SignSmith. Call or email today for your free, no obligation estimate.

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