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Exterior Signs and Graphics

Hanging Signs | Outdoor Signs | Post Signs | Yard Signs | Window Signs and Graphics

Get noticed with high-end exterior signs and graphics from SignSmith. Our team of experts can help with everything from on-site surveys, to permitting, design, fabrication and install of your custom outdoor signs.

Hanging Signs / Blade Signs

A hanging sign is defined as a sign which is suspended over a sidewalk, street, or other public right-of-way. Also known as blade signs, these signs are essential for street-facing businesses in the greater Portland, Maine area. While a sign on the building is key for visibility from a distance, pedestrians often can't see them. That's where hanging signs come in. These signs offer a range of vision that wall mounted signs can't match. Coupled with unique brackets or other mounting hardware, a well designed custom hanging sign will attract new customers to your business.

Because of high coastal winds, it's imperative that blade signs in our neck of the woods are made of solid, heavy materials. Some online retailers sell lightweight products such as PVC or aluminum, but these signs won't work for Maine. SignSmith makes and installs rugged, heavyweight signs using Cedar, Redwood, and Extira. These signs can be custom fabricated to match your company's logo shape and colors, enhancing your brand recognition. 

Outdoor Signs

As the old adage states, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." As cheesy as it is, it's so true! A well-designed outdoor sign will invite customers in. 

Exterior signs come in many forms. Banners, yard signs, A-frame signs and flags are great short term solutions for advertising sales and events. 

Pylon signs, channel letters, metal and wood signs are fantastic long term solutions for businesses. These signs are made to last, and designed to attract the eye of your ideal client.

Post Signs

One of the most important signs any business can invest in is a good quality roadside sign. Like blade signs, these signs are visible when a wall mounted sign isn't. Post signs can be externally or internally illuminated. The posts can be as tall as your local sign regulations will allow, giving your business an unobstructed view. Post signs can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and even exterior grade PVC. 

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a vital advertising tool for contractors, handymen and small businesses of all kinds. These signs let potential customers know that your business is working in their area, with details on the services you offer and how to contact your company. They're affordable, easy to transport and install, and when designed properly, they pack quite the marketing punch. Just about any business could benefit from a well designed yard sign. 

Window Signs and Graphics

Window signs and graphics just might be our favorite type of signs. Fun to design, quick to produce and install, and affordable as well as profitable for our clients... window decals are the trifecta of advertising signage. Window graphics are great for advertising sales, specials, and products. Window lettering can share information such as store hours, contact information and your company's logo or font. And the best part? They're easy on the pocketbook. 

Window signs include posters, vinyl graphics, perforated (one-way) vinyl, cling, and more. SignSmith designs, makes, installs and removes a variety of window signs and graphics. Contact us today for your free, no hassle, no obligation estimate.

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