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Dimensional Signs

Sandblasted Signs | Carved Signs | CNC Engraved Signs | Routered Signs

There’s no doubt about it: carved signs are a surefire way to set your business apart from the competition while creating an aesthetic that will make people want your product or service. With their eye-catching designs, these hand-carved pieces of wood evoke feelings of timelessness and craftsmanship without sacrificing any sense of professionalism or personality.

At SignSmith, the beautiful art of hand-carving is brought to life with the help of modern technology. Carved signs have become increasingly popular in tourist areas like the greater Portland, Maine area. Popularity has grown largely due to durability and lasting appeal. These qualities make them perfect for all types of businesses who want something durable yet personal enough not too corporate or formal looking on site.

The old tradition has been given an updated twist - instead of wood which has been carved by hand, there are now long-lasting composite materials available. Couple this with intricate designs cut out using lasers or engravers, and you have a double-threat of beauty and longevity. These new-age carved signs can last much longer than traditional methods. This allows shops owners more time between yearly upkeep visits while still maintaining classic beauty.

The experts at SignSmith will ensure that your message is delivered through clear, elegant design matched with the timeless beauty of dimensional signage. Contact us today for a free consult!

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