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3 simple reasons to wrap your company vehicle

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

You've seen them on the road. Cars, trucks or vans with a company logo and contact info emblazoned across the sides and back. Have you ever wondered what it might cost to wrap your company vehicle, or what the benefits might be? Read on to learn more.

1. You'll reach a larger audience - in the neighborhoods you live and work in.

My favorite thing to hear from a customer is that they "saw my sign." As a home-based business, I don't have an actual sign. But because "SignSmith" is emblazoned boldly on my car and my husband's truck, people see us, and they remember us.

Our vehicles are advertising for us when we drive to and from the areas we service. When we visit the hardware store, the paint store, and the grocery store. SignSmith picks our kids up from school, takes them to the playground, and attends their sports and after-school programs. SignSmith visits the mall on the weekend, beaches and parks in the summers, and even makes a handful of out-of-state treks each year. And everywhere we go, we're seen.

2. Look bigger than you are. If you own a small business with one vehicle, the perception of your business is elevated when consumers see a wrapped vehicle. They don’t know how big your company is, but a wrapped vehicle can suggest to them that you own a fleet, and thus lend credibility.

3. The cost per impression is crazy low.

Before you read on, I should mention that we're talking about full wraps here. MANY businesses approach us for wraps, only to find that what they're talking about is vehicle lettering, maaaaaybe a partial wrap. The figures for these services are less than half what we're talking about here. That said, let's dive into the numbers:

Over the course of a typical wrap's lifetime, the average monthly cost is $42/month.

That's only $1.37 per day!

Do you drink coffee? Eat lunch on the road? What does that cost you each day? Just sayin'.

Ok, so you've heard of cost per impression (aka CPM, which stands for "cost per mile," a longstanding advertising term for cost per thousand.)

Let's look at cost per impression rates for vehicle wraps.

If your car or truck is out and about most days, you could easily get over 30k impressions each day (average is 30k - 70k/day, we'll lean on the low side).

That's almost 11 million impressions each year, or about $0.000028 per impression.

Let's say you don't get out as much as you'd like to, and you only average 10,000 impressions per day. That's only $0.14 CPM. Compare that to the cost for a TV ad which could be as high as $44 CPM, or radio at $20 CPM.

As you can see, vehicle wraps are so stinking affordable!

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