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Sign Company Maine

Interior Office Signs | Exterior Signs and Graphics | Carved Wood Signs | Banners | Yard Signs

Do you need custom signage made for your business in Maine? If so, you can trust the professional signage designers at SignSmith to do the job right.


SignSmith is a family-run business that has operated a custom signage production facility in Maine for more than 25 years. Our staff consists of professional graphic artists, illustrators, printers, fabricators, and installers. We collaborate with our customers to create the signage of their dreams.


Here are the signs we can create for our customers in Maine:


·  Business Cards

·  Directional Signs

·  Safety Signs

·  Sidewalk Signs

·  Posters

·  Vehicle Wraps

·  Yard Signs

·  Post Signs

·  Floor Signs

·  Window Signs


We can create custom indoor and outdoor signage for any particular purpose. For example, our signage is suitable for commercial advertisements, wayfinding, safety warnings, trade shows, vehicles, etc. In addition, we print the graphic designs onto 3M high-performance vinyl film, which can withstand extreme weather conditions to sustain its longevity.


When it comes time to remove your signage, it won’t cause any scuffs or damage to your property. Our installation team can easily remove the signage while leaving your property looking flawless. Then if you want a new sign designed and installed on your property, we can do that again too. You get to choose how long you want to keep your signage installed.


Attractive signage is the backbone of small business advertising in the 21st century. So if you want your company to stay ahead of the competition in your industry, you need to hire a professional sign company that knows how to make high-quality original signage. Then you can watch as your brand grows in the coming weeks and months ahead.


Are you interested in the services of our sign company in Maine? Call us at 207-450-7667 or email us at to learn more about the advantages of our signage creation services.

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