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Fleet Graphics Portland

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Fleet graphics are an inexpensive way to promote your business in Portland and wherever your commercial vehicles travel in the region. They are also one of the most affordable advertising investments you will ever make for your company because you will continue to receive free mobile advertising without paying any monthly fees.


Of course, you need to hire a professional and reputable signage company to create high-quality custom wraps for your fleet of vehicles. There is no better company in Portland than SignSmith for this purpose. SignSmith is a family-owned signage company that has been serving local business owners in Portland for over nine years. We’re dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by designing custom fleet graphics based on the specifications of our clients.


Our professional design team will create a digital graphics version for your approval. After that, we’ll print the graphics onto premium-quality 3M vinyl film wrap and fit it onto your fleet of vans, pickup trucks, tractor-trailers, cars, or any other vehicles in the fleet. The installation will appear so flawless that people will think you painted the graphics onto your vehicles.


SignSmith will make your commercial fleet stand out from your competition. Your custom graphic designs will have high-resolution colors to ensure their noticeability on your fleet. And in addition to the graphic designs, we can put whatever logos, brand names, slogans, and messages you want to display on your vehicles as well. The entire creation process will be collaborative between you and our fantastic design team.


Big and small orders are accepted. SignSmith has an extensive design team of graphic artists, illustrators, signwriters, printers, installers, and more. We all work together to achieve the desired results for our clients. And if you ever want to switch your current vehicle wraps with new ones, we can do that for you without affecting the paint jobs on any of the vehicles in your fleet.

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