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Custom Banners Windham, ME

Maine’s source for custom vinyl banners, fabric banners and flags.

Does your business need a custom banner in Windham, Maine? A banner is a large strip of cloth or vinyl material with printed text and imagery. You can use banners to promote a clever or creative message that will attract local customers to your business. The best part is that banners are lightweight and can be relocated anywhere, such as public events and buildings.


SignSmith is a leading custom banner design company in Windham, Maine. Our family-owned business has spent more than 25 years designing and producing custom banners for local entrepreneurs and business owners. The types of custom banners we can create for your business include the following:


·  Indoor Banners

·  Outdoor Banners

·  Mesh Banners

·  Retractable Banners


SignSmith can use several different materials to make your banners. Our customers love our wrinkle-resistant and tear-resistant banners because they are long-lasting for indoor and outdoor usage. You will learn more about our banner options when you contact us.


In addition, you can choose a small or large banner size depending on the needs of your business. We are here to customize your banner to satisfy your company’s needs. Our team will take care of everything from the banner design to the delivery and installation. So you won’t have to worry about any of it.


SignSmith believes in total transparency throughout the custom banner creation and installation process. You will get to approve the design before it is printed onto the banner and installed on your property. That way, we can be sure that you’re satisfied with the results.


Would you like to schedule an appointment for a consultation and a free price quote? Contact us at (207) 450-7667 or email us at

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